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Who am I?

Editha AntolinEditha Antolin, the Entrepreneur…

Like many Canadians, I grew up as an immigrant from Philippines at young age and Always Dream for Financial Independence.

Has always been passionate of helping friends and people achieve well – being in their lives and live up to their true potential.

Been in the industry of Network Marketing since 1995. I’m so in love with the Industry. It made me travel the world, meet new friends and business partners. See different beauty of the world.
Being Entrepreneur, We have Freedom of time and Money.

It’s been an interesting journey being working from home especially with the Pandemic. With the technology, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Zoom meetings, we can still be so close to our friends, business partners and Family and yet they’re so far.

Network Marketing is viable option to be able to work from home, work on my own pace, use the skills that I had and able to grow my Network.